Almost 4 years ago Forever Pul decides to apply also sadblasting.

Today Forever Pul  is doted with 2 sadblasting bunch plant's that can supply whatever merchaandising require's.

The 1 sadblasting plant is suitable for a particular finishing on a high estetic level, it was intentionally made for Forever Pul every single piece of the plant is made in metal, with this system there's no problem in mixing other type's of alloy's.

The automatic plant supply's a fine and particular polishing to the motorcycle parts of the best brand's in the world.

The pieces that get sandblasted are hunged on a bunch to a hook and they are transported in a tunnel were the pieces get spined with little pieces of metal that goes through a whirlwind and the bunch passes slowly through a cabin with automatic door's.

The second sandblasting plant it's suitable for any surface.

This type of system garanties a very well done sandblasting.