In 1.500 Mq of Forever Pul give’s you the idea of what is a solid firm that’s going toward’s a definite future, you also can observe the passion that the 25 dipendents’s put in there work.

Forever Pul is a leader firm in the sector of metal polishing, offering for many year’s an excellent quality and treatment on any type of surface for there customer’s storting with: grinding degreasing, glazing, polishing and ending with sandblasting giving to each piece a granted attention in any type of alloy’s (brass, alluminium, stainless steel and other alloy's) witch makes Forever Pul a firm to imitate.

Forever Pul is doted with 6 robotic units suitable to treat any surface of any sizeand dimension, ex... (piece’s for bike’s, motorcycle’s, automobile’s and truck’s ecc.).

The firm is divided in four department’s: hand polishing, degreasing, sandblasting. The forth department is supplied for the polishing and glazing of flat surfaces, with a lenght upto 4 meters.

Forever Pul deliver’s the treated merchandise with there lorry’s in 24 hours, with a service cared and protected.